How does it work?

The access to event has never been so easy.
Everything in 30 + 4 seconds. Here is how:


You buy the ticket/s online to the desired event. You have several methods of payment: by credit card or through PayPal. If you already have an account you log in with your email and password, if not, you can create an account in seconds.

Receive the ticket

Primeşti biletul sub forma unui QR code pe email. De asemenea codul QR ce reprezintă biletul tău este păstrat în siguranţă în contul tău de pe TomTix şi este diponibil oricând. Îl poţi retrimite pe email (chiar şi pe altă adresă) sau îl poţi salva ca imagine pentru a-l putea folosi şi offline.

Show it
at the entrance

To enter the event for which you purchased your mobile ticket, it is enough to put it on your cell phone screen. A representative of the organizer will scan it and validate it using a mobile application (offered by TomTix to the event organizers). Then you are in.

That's it. That simple!

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If you click faster, the whole process can last even under 30+4 seconds, but it also last more. Generally for reasons that do not depend on us.

We are really very curious to find out how much time did it take you and how did you make it.
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